Wishlist Wednesday: Korres Wild Rose 15% Vitamin C Spotless Serum

After the gluttony of my recent holiday shpping, I decided to start highlighting products I’ve been tempted to buy eyeing evey week! So now there’s Wishlist Wednesdays to save us from the monotony of the week haha.

Ahhh I have been drooling over this serum since last year! I’ve never tried anything from Korres; their rose line has been calling to me though T_T I want to buy it, but I really can’t justify the exorbitant price…. I’m all about that #yolo life, but I just can’t seem able to spend more than $50 for a single product, especially if I have 3838595 similar products already ready on hand *sigh*

It’s soooo pretttyyyyy!!!!

To top it off, it only has 4 stars on Sephora (does that mean anything anymore??); so it’s good on average, but not knock-your-socks-off great according to 56 reviews… which doesn’t give me too much confidence to buy it.

I’m just saying….

It has some nice ingredients though… It contains two dfferent kinds of rose oil, “super” Vitamin C, sand lily extract, squalane, and two different kinds of honeysuckle extracts… not too shabby. Lots of brightening and hydrating stuffs (did I mention rose?!?), AND no formaldehyde releasers!!! *smirk*

But is it worth $75….!?

Hmmmmm…..Probably not. But it has rose though….

I’m currently on a mission to build the perfect rose filled routine…. I am OBSESSED with any and everything rose scented/contains rose in any capacity. It is such a lovely ingredient… plus it’s my birth month flower (June). We’ll talk about the benefits of rose in skincare another time. It’s worth knowing about IMHO.

You never know, I may change my mind and pick it up anyway. Sephora does have that VIB Rouge sale going on as of the time of this posting…. but I think I might skip that this year. Goddess knows I’ve lived that #treatyoself life a little too well the past week or so #oops 😅

Maybe one day I’ll splurge on it….there’s always next year I suppose.

You can find the serum at Sephora and on the brand’s website, at least here in the US. Have you tried this serum?? Is it worth it? I need some honest opinions…not paid for by a brand of course *smirk* Let a sistah know below!! 💜

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