The Ordinary: Azelaic Acid Suspension

Happy Tuesday peeps! Ahhh… another week, another TO product review to share with you 😎 Also, happy February!! Second month of the new year already…?! Damn! Where does the time go?? I guess I’m just getting old and time is just passing me by 😒

By now, I think you know that I loooooove The Ordinary/Deciem’s products (not exactly a secret 🀫 amirite??) and in the almost 3 years since I’ve been using their products, I have discovered a treasure trove of amazing products that:

1. Don’t break the bank
2. Introduced me to new and interesting ingredients
3. Actually do what they advertise 😎

Welp! The Azelaic Acid Suspension from The Ordinary checks all the boxes meng. Aze what…? Another acid you say?? I love acids! Azelaic acid was a mysetry to me too. I’d never heard of this fascinating ingredient before I picked up this suspension so I thought I’d talk about it a little…or a lot #tldrpost ahead…

Hehe… you’re already here and shit so you might as well 😎

Sooooo…. what exactly is this shit?? Azelaic acid is different from most acids you’ll find in skincare. It’s a dicarboxylic acid (I’ve added this for classification purposes; I couldn’t find an explanation in layman’s terms… Nothin’ but pure science lingo πŸ€ͺ) Er…What you need to know about that classification for skincare purposes is that it’s not an AHA or BHA. I’m not a scientist, juuuuust a humble Esthetician nerd πŸ€“ Azelaic acid actually occurs in our skin naturally! It’s produced by a yeast called Malassezia fur fur *smirk* or Pityrosporum ovale that is part of our normal skin bacterial system called flora (y’know… like flora and fauna? Yeah, that shit).

This acid is a multitasker: it’s antimicrobial (kills bacteria), antiinflammatory, keratolytic (loosens + lifts dead skin cells), and comedolytic (cleans out pores). It can also be used to treat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH… my worst enemy 😒). These factors make it an excellent ingredient for fighting acne, smoothing skin, evening out skintone, and fading blemishes; pretty much most of what I’m looking to take care of skincare wise (not acne though… though it’s nice to know that it can handle that too!)

Huzzah!!! πŸŽ‰

To be honest, I picked this up because I grew impatient waiting on slow ass results via using low level AHA/BHAs in my routine. I read somewhere that this is a good product to use in conjunction with other acids so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it right? That’s one of the many positive things about this treatment: you can use it in conjunction with your regular acid routine to see more results faster without major irritation or downtime (aka chemical peels). I have PIH that’s been lingering for YEARS due to my dumb ass shaving my beard for a long time.

Fuck you very much, PCOS.

So after much preamble and endless gifs… on to the actual product review!! (moar gifs ahead, don’t worry!)

It’s so nice, I bought it twice #spoiler #poetandiknowit πŸ˜‰

Brand claims: brightens overall appearance of skin tone, improves skin’s texture, reduces blemishes and uneven pigmentation, leaves skin complexion visibly bright and uniform.

How I use it: I’ve seen reviews bitching about the spreadability of this… And I hear ya. It can be a pain due to the silicone content. I have a great tip! I squeeze a dime sized amount and add 3 drops of my holy grail Resveratrol and Ferulic Acid serum from TO, mix together and smooth on my face…. Spreads like buttah baby. A little goes a looong way, so don’t use more than a dime sized amount! When I first used it I put on wayyy too much and it took 5everrr to sink in.

As to WHERE in my routine I use it… It’s my last step (or next-to-last step if I use a sleeping pack πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ) If you place it anywhere else in a routine it *will* pill. I use it AM/PM.

Results?: Yoooooooo…. My skin looks so supple, smooth, and (dare I say… ) younger! When I tell you that my face has never been this smooth, it’s not an understatement. My skin looks so supple and smooth like a baby’s bottom! My skintone has also evened out significantly. I also haven’t had any major pimples or breakouts since I’ve started using this back in November!!!

I *did* have a hormonal zit during the time I’ve been using this but it disappeared within 2 days… Fucking witchcraft I say. Keep in mind that I also use other acids and treatments in my routine so YMMV and all that shit…. but I’ve been using a menagerie of different acids for years and never had these kinds of results, so I can safely say that this is my new skin champion!!!!

Will I repurchase? FUCK YEAH!! This shit is amazeballs 😭 I just finished the crumpled one in the photo a few weeks ago, and promptly opened another one. I’m obsessed with how smooth and evenly colored my face looks/is! I already have one more backup (besides the one I just opened of course…) and will definitely buy a couple more to have on hand soon. The first bottle lasted about 2 months, but that might be due to my overzealous use the first couple of weeks (d’oh!!) But dayyyummmm…..Those brand claims were ON POINT!!! I seriously don’t want to be without it!


I have few products that stay in my routine all year round, but most of them seem to be from TO. They really have amazing products that work well with no bullshit claims and no high markups to boot. This is yet another product from them that I’ll keep in my routine for a long time… At least until I don’t think I need it anymore… Whenever that will be (probably not for a long time).

Le me whilst typing this review. Do you see how smooooth my face is??? 😲 Don’t mind the facial hair…. look at my cool new glasses instead πŸ˜…

This is seriously the best my face has EVER looked and I’m so thrilled that I decided to try this 😒 I really can’t recommend this enough for PIH, evening out skintone and skin smoothing (I can’t speak for acne use buuuuttt I’ll cosign that too lol) for less than $8, it’s really worth checking out… You’ll thank me I’m sure πŸ‘πŸΎ

Have you used this or any other product containing Azelaic acid? Let me know your thoughts on this wonderful ingredient!!!

Until next time 😘

Deena πŸ’œ

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