Dear Asian Beauty Brands Who Sell Makeup…

It’s 2019. Y’all been a sensation here in the States for at least 2 years now. So I have one question:

Where πŸ‘πŸΎ are πŸ‘πŸΎ the πŸ‘πŸΎ darker πŸ‘πŸΎ cushion πŸ‘πŸΎ shades πŸ‘πŸΎ…? πŸ€”

I’ve been a fan of K-Beauty for almost 4 years now. I’ve been really patient, understanding the need for y’all to get situated here before you would even CONSIDER making complexion makeup I can use. But now…? I’m just mad 😑 Hell, most of your own PEOPLE (they very people Korean Beauty was intended for!!) can’t even find cushions that match them!!

It’s a sad, sad world where Asian people can’t find shades to match them from their own makeup brands because there’s only #50shadesofbeige…. Or more like 4 shades of white tbh. Koreans and other Asian people have darker skin too! #duh Not everyone wants to walk around looking like a ghost with mismatched foundation πŸ‘»

I don’t even WANT to hear the same bullshit excuse that “Korean Beauty is for Koreans so they don’t have to make dark cushions”–fuck that noise! Especially since their *own* people are under served in that area. This colorism and white skin preference has to END! You wanna be global, you gotta adapt to whatever markets you’re selling in. Dassit πŸ’…πŸΎ

And don’t even step to me talking about Laneige… Their “dark” shades are ridiculously light… And also Innisfree and their paltry 3 dark cushions, one of which is orange…?! Y’all can miss me with that mess. (both brands are owned by Amore Pacific… who have many brands + products readily available in places like Sephora AND a headquarters in NYC #interesting πŸ€”)

Now, I’m a medium brown person. Even with shady/shitty American brands I can usually find my shade in Sephora or even drugstores (or close enough πŸ™„). I’m not as dark as (say…) Lupita Nyongo or even Naomi Campbell, but people in that complexion range who are fans of K-Beauty deserve to be catered to as well!! If y’all are trying to take over foreign markets, especially here in the US… You need darker foundation shades–no more excuses!!!

Let me put it to y’all this way: Black women have money. We loooooove looking good. More and more of us are getting interested in K-Beauty everyday and it’s a FACT that we spend more than all the other demographics COMBINED on Cosmetics… Which we would love to give you more of… I know I would!

I’m fucking tired of seeing all these beautiful cushion compacts that I can’t use… So until y’all get your shit together, I will not be purchasing any makeup you sell that I can actually use (lippies, tints, etc) from you. I have more than enough (and SPENT more than enough πŸ’΅) on all that already anyway… And I’d rather give my monies to brands that actually cater to me and EVERYBODY #thankyouverymuch πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Y’all need to #dobetter. Be better. Your time for excuses and mumbled promises is over. ✌🏾


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